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Dept Head : Shyla P K (Senior Grade Librarian)

Location : Near Administrative Block

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Staff of Central Library

1Shyla P KSenior Grade Librarian
2Rajeev Krishnankutty Librarian Gr.II
3Jayaprakash K. P.Librarian Gr.II
4Ramesh Babu T.J.Librarian Gr.III
5Anoop B NairLibrarian Gr.IV
6Anilkumar T.Clerical Attender
7Indra K.K.Clerical Attender
9Thesni Beegum K.E.Clerical Attender
8Jibin AbrahamClerical Attender
9Sreekala M RF.T.S
10Suhurban P HP.T.S
11Annamma KorahP.T.S

Facilities of Central Library

The Central library is situated near the Administrative Block (Principal Office) of the College and caters to the information needs of the Faculty, students and non-teaching staff of the college. Area of the library is 895 sq. m. and the seating capacity is 125.  The collection consists of 22500 books. The library is subscribing 38 national and international journals. E-journals, E-books and other E-resources are available in two platforms-PROQUEST and OVID.  These E- Resources are centrally purchased by the Directorate of Medical Education.

Library membership is limited to teachers and post graduate students. The library has separate reading and reference sections. A book bank section is also functioning under a separate Government scheme for the benefit of the SC/ST students. Library follows Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme and is automated with the open source software KOHA.


The central library will be open from 8 A M to 8 P M on all working days.


  • Reference Section
  • Reading Section
  • Circulation Section    
  • Reprographic Section
  • Periodical Section
  • Book Bank Section
  • Literature section
  • Digital Library


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