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DEPARTMENT OF Surgical Oncology

Dept. Head :Dr. Murali T V MS, MCh
OP Days:Tuesday one in a week O P
OT days:Wednesday and Friday –CL2 Operation theater
Thursday Oncoplastic theater ( MOT 1/7 Operation theater)
Specialty Clinics
MDTB( tumor board):Friday

About Us

The Department of Surgical Oncology,Govt.Medical College Kottayam was established on 16/04/2018.This new department was initiated to elevate Kottayam Medical College to a complete tertiary cancer care center. The department takes care of the surgical aspect of patient care in oncology.


All kinds of major cancer surgeries are done here. Laparoscopic surgery (keyhole operation ) is available for abdominal and gynecological cancers. The department confirms all infection control protocols and ERAS ( enhanced recovery after surgery ) protocols for their patients.
We provide on-table and clinical help to any department in need of oncologic surgery help. All kinds of cancer resections requiring complex plastic surgery reconstruction are done with the help of the Plastic Surgery Department. Regular multidisciplinary tumor boards are conducted with the help of Radiation Oncology, Medical Oncology, and Pathology.
We have a ward in the casualty building on the third floor and an ICU on the same floor. Dr. Nimmy is in charge of the ICU.
Our operation tables are on Casualty’s third floor and Major operation theater ( MOT 1)
We have all the basic types of machinery and operation theater facilities required for a cancer surgery unit including vessel sealers, electrocautery, multipara monitors, laparoscopic set, mechanical retraction sets, anesthesia machines, and ventilators.
We provide all the latest surgical solutions including breast conservation, oncoplasty, sentinel node biopsy, laparoscopy, multidisciplinary combined procedures, head and neck cancer resection-reconstructions, gynecological, Gastrointestinal and urological cancer surgeries and organ preservation procedures in sarcomas.

Teaching Staff

1Dr. Murali T VAssistant Professor
2Dr. John ThomasAssistant Professor (temporary)
3Dr. Jino SebastianSenior Resident
4Dr. Parvathy SreekumarNon-academic Junior Resident
5Dr. Navya Susan JacobNon-academic Junior Resident
6Dr.Sojan JohnAnaesthetist(on a contract basis)
7Dr.R Anil KumarAnaesthetist(on a contract basis)
8Dr.NimmyPrabha DasDASenior resident


  • Nearly 1000 major oncological surgeries were done till now.
  • Our post-operative mortality is kept below 0.5 % even though accepting all complex cases and patients with major comorbidities.

Ongoing Research (IRB approved )

  1. The clinicopathologic pattern of Endometrial cancers presenting to Kottayam Medical College. ( with Dr Anjali ,Dr Murali)
  2. An eight-year study of the clinicopathological profile of granular cell sarcoma in a tertiary care center( Dr. Murali, Dr. Anju Kesavan, Dr. Jose V Stanley).
  3. A study on clinicopathological factors predictive for recurrence in phyllodes tumors of the breast.(Dr Sansho E U , Dr. Murali T V ,Dr Snigdha P P, Prof.DrAnilkumar )
  4. Survival Analysis of Mucosal Melanoma( Dr.Ritvik G, Dr. Murali T V)
  5. Granulomatous mastitis does it mimic cancer ( Dr. CicySansho , Dr. Murali T V ,Dr. Albin Jose)
  6. Hospital stay in breast cancer(Dr. M urali T V, Dr. Ceepa Ann Thomas, Dr . Anish A V)
  7. Malignancy in toxic thyroid( Dr. Murali T V, Dr.Sam Christie Mamen)
  8. .Solitary nodule thyroid-cancer incidence(Dr. Jose V Stanley, Dr.Murali T V,Dr.Sam Christie Mamen)
  9. Esophagus metastasis pattern ( with radiation oncology)

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