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Dept. Head :Dr. Sheela Verghese
OP Days & Time:Pre-Anaesthetic checkup (OP on all days except Sundays 9 am to 1 pm)
Pain and Palliative clinic (OP on all days except Sundays 9 am to 1 pm)
Operation Days:ENT 1 – Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday; . ENT 2 – Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Ward No:18
Phone:0481-2597311 – 2245, Mob 9446113118

About us

The Department of Anaesthesiology, GMC Kottayam initially worked as a subspeciality under the department of surgery in 1965 under Dr Mary George. It then began functioning independently as a separate department in 1969 under the able leadership of Dr Mary George. Over the years it has steadily grown and become a state- of –the- art centre for clinical excellence ,education and research.

Currently the department is headed by Dr Sheela Verghese and it also include 4 Associate Professors and 21 Assistant Professors.We have 1 Theatre Assistant and 13 Theatre Technicians.

The MultIi-disciplinary Intensive Care Unit, under the Department of Anaesthesia established in 2016, is a 26 bedded ICU which caters to around 150 to 200 critically ill patients per month. It is well equiped with high end monitors, point of care ultrasound ,dialysis and CRRT machines. We also have an ECMO machine which is an advanced lifesaving technology.

The department caters to various specialities and superspecialities like General Surgery, Orthopaedics, ENT, Ophthalmology, OBG, Urology, Neurosurgery, Oncosurgery, Gastrosurgery, OMFS, Plastic Surgery, Paediatric Surgery and CTVS .In addition to that we also provide Anaesthesia for Cardiac Catheterization, Interventional Radiology, Radiotherapy and ECT.


  • Postoperative Recovery
  • Acute and Chronic pain management
  • Labour Analgesia
  • Transplant Anaesthesia for Heart, Liver, Kidney and Cornea
  • Anaesthesia for elective cases in surgery and allied superspecialities.
  • Anaesthesia for non-operating room procedures like ECT, DSA, CT, MRI, Interventional Radiology, Assisted Reproductive Techniques.
  • Emergency Critical care in casualty
  • Critical Care ICU
  • Emergency anaesthesia for Trauma and other surgical specialities
  • Anaesthesia for organ harvesting for brain dead organ donor.

Faculty of dept


Genral info

Anatomy department is situated in C2 block adjacent to C1 block of Govt.Medical College, Kottayam. It is situated in two floors.It has all facilities with 11 faculty members to teach 175 medical students and 17 paramedical courses. It is provided with a vast dissection hall where students dissect in 10 tables on the cadaver. Regular dissection and seminars are being conducted for students. Histology lab has sufficient microscope and slides for students. Embalming is being done to transport the bodies. Public avail the facility of body donation in our department. Department meeting are being conducted regularly to update on schedules and non academic matters. hjzkjzkjxhcv zxvkjiausojas siadjajdoifoasd sdfioasfaosiud sidufoiasdoifuoiasd sdufoiasdoifandfaiosdoioaisudfnasdifuiasudoifsa faofoiasdoifoaisudf sadfaoidsoifsduoiaufoia saufasofa dffidoifuaoidufioaoadofnooifx jjc9souoisdgoikciu osudoinvfiooi i

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