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DEPARTMENT OF Radiotherapy

Dept. Head :Dr. Suresh Kumar MD, DNB
Academic programme including tumor board:8.30 am -10 am ( Monday – Saturday)
UNIT – CR I:OP Days- Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 9.30 am – 1 pm
UNIT – CR II:OP Days- Tuesday, Thursday & Friday from 9 30 am – 1 pm
New case registration 9 am- 12 noon only. New cases will be seen after completing chemo cases and follow ups after 12 pm.
(Reference letter and biopsy report of malignancy is mandatory for new case registration. For cases previously treated in other hospitals, treatment summary is a mandatory to avoid duplication of treatment. Biopsy done outside has to be reviewed in our institution for confirmation of the diagnosis before starting treatment. )
Medical Oncology:OP Days Monday, Tuesday Thursday and Friday 8 am to 12 noon
Surgical Oncology:
Multidisciplinary Tumor Boards:
Pain & Palliative services:

About Us

Department of Radiation Oncology Govt. Medical College Kottayam is the premier cancer institute in Central Kerala, was started in this institution in 1982. Cancer Care Centre was established in this institution in 1992 to cater to the needs of cancer patients from Kottayam, Idukki, Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha, Ernakulam and parts of Quilon districts. Recently we have started palliative care clinic since last one year and Medical Oncology services since last 6 months. Surgical Oncology facility is provided to patients since last 4 years. The Radiation Oncology department treats around 3500 new cancer patients annually. Besides this the institute serves around 500000 follow patients in an year. The daily OP attendance in this department is more than 300.


At present we have 2 Linear Accelerators, 3 D Computerized Treatment Planning System, CT Simulator ,Remote After loading HDR R Brachytherapy machine and Mould room facility in the department. .We do provide Radiation therapy including teletherapy, HDR brachytherapy / Chemotherapy / immunotherapy. All the latest modalities including IMRT and VMAT are being practiced to give accurate and conformal treatment to the patient. The quality of life of the patient after treatment being a high priority, the the majority of the radical cases treated with IMRT or VMAT in conformance with the present day protocols. We have 15 well experienced radiographers and 5 trainees are available. Hospital based cancer registry is maintained in the department.
. The centre has Postgraduate programmes in Radiation Oncology with annual intake of 2 postgraduates students. In addition to this, the department imparts training to postgraduate students from other specialties like surgery, Gynaecology, Pharmacology, Msc Nursing, B Sc Nurasing etc. The department in association with the department of Radiodiagnosis, is conducting the three years DRRT with an annual intake of 15 students.

Radiation Physics division

Treatment planning of the patients for teletherapy and brachytherapy, Periodic quality assurance of all the treatments as well as machines and equipment, Ascertaining radiation safety of the staff and public, Communication with Atomic Energy Regulatory Board to ascertain the licensing of the department facilities, Maintaining the dosimetry services and dose records etc are done in Radiation Physics division. Also Teaching and training post graduate graduate and diploma students.
This centre is proposed to one of the Tertiary Cancer Care Centre in the 2017 budget . It includes expansion of Clinical Oncology services ( Radiation and solid tumor chemotherapy) , Medical Oncology , surgical Oncology and Pain & Palliative care unit under one roof aimed to provide comprehensive health care.

Teaching Staff

1Dr. Suresh Kumar MD, DNBProfessor and HOD
2Dr. Preeya VProfessor
3Dr. Binitha T ThomasAssistant Professor
4Dr.Flowerlit ThomasAssistant Professor
5Dr.Snigdha PPAssistant Professor
6Dr. Ciniraj RAssistant Professor
7Dr.Praveenlal RLecturer
8Dr. DianaSevi JoseSenior Resident
9Dr. Mayadevi RSenior Resident
10Dr. Jince Mary MathewSenior Resident
11Dr. Vishnu ReghuSenior Resident
12Mr.Anilkumar KAssociate Professor
13Mrs. Seeja JosephAssistant Professor
14Nicy Maria ThankachanLecturer

Non-Teaching Staff

1Sherly MathewRadiographer
2Subhash RRadiographer
3Nisha T.SRadiographer
6Shylaja KumaryRadiographer
7Prabha V.nairRadiographer
9Anila L. AppukuttanRadiographer
10Athira GopinadhRadiographer
11Anjali R.NairRadiographer
12Nirma RajRadiographer
15Sindhu L.NStatistical Assistant
16Sumesh BabuRegistry Clerk
17BinuRegistry staff
18SulekhaRegistry staff
19Anumol A.KData Entry Operator


Due to the availability of many good supporting specialties and due to the quality of care provided by the department to patients about 3500 new cancer cases besides cases on follow up patients of previous years regularly attend the department for follow up examination and subsequent treatment if needed for recurrent disease. The daily OP attendance in this department is 200- 300, daily 100-150 chemotherapy’s are given, about 125 patients get daily radiation treatment.
Day Care ward
We have a Well equipped Day Care ward with 30 beds. Well trained and experienced nursing staffs available in our Day care chemotherapy ward. Biosafety cabinets like chemotherapy hood etc for chemotherapy drug preparation and infusion pumps are available.

In patients ward, ICU & Minor Operation theatre
Department has well equipped IP facilities with 4 wards with 71 beds and 14 bedded ICU. Dedicated minor OT is available for procedures like Bone marrow aspiration, pleural fluid aspiration and Brachytherapy application.


Medical Oncology:- Medical Oncology services since last 6 months. Medical Oncology OP functioning on Monday, Tuesday Thursday and Friday 8 am to 12 noon.
Surgical Oncology facility is provided to patients since last 4 years.
Multidisciplinary Tumour Boards:– The department has been conducting regular Tumor Boards in various sub specialty of oncology for better patient care since years..

Pain & Palliative services :– Pain & Palliative wing was started in 2022 in our department. is equipped with a good quality Palliative care with IP facility . Faculty with specialized training in pain & palliative medicine are available in this department.


It is the first department in a Govt. Medical College to have a modern Linear Accelerator to be installed for cancer treatment in the state (Machine installed in 2010 and commissioned in 2011) . We have M.D (Radiotherapy) course with 2 candidates per year. 10 batches of 20 students have completed their courses successfully. From the 1st batch examination onwards we have got MCI approval for the course.


  • Prospective Observational Study On The Mean Decrease In Salivary Flow Rate In Patients Receiving IMRT For Head And Neck Cancer.
  • Acute Skin Toxicity In Extreme Hypofractionated Adjuvant Radiation In Patients With Early Breast Cancer.
  • A Cross Sectional Study On Pattern On Metastasis In Patients With Carcinoma Esophagus In A Tertiary Care Centre.

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