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DEPARTMENT OF Plastic Surgery

Dept. Head :DR. LEKSHMI M. MS, M. Ch., DNB
OP Days    :Wednesday, Saturday 10.30AM – 1.30PM
Specialty Clinic
Hand Clinic:2nd Wednesday of every month
Aesthetic Clinic:3rd Wednesday of every month
Transgender clinic:3rd Saturday of every month

About Us

Department of Plastic Surgery was started in 1968 as part of General Surgery department and became an independent department in 1985. M.Ch Plastic Surgery started in1989 with uptake of one student per year. Number of seats increased to two students per year since 2021. The first Burns unit in Kerala under National Programme for Prevention and Management of Burn Injury (NPPMBI) started in January 2022 under this department
This is a high volume tertiary care department handling all aspects of Plastic Surgery like reconstruction in Trauma, Malignancies, Micro Vascular Surgery, Aesthetic Surgery, Congenital anomalies and Burns.

Succession list of heads of Department


Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff

1Dr. Lekshmi M.Professor & HOD
2Dr. Sabu C PAssociate Professor
3Dr. Lekshmi S BhooshanAssistant Professor (CAP Professor)
4Dr. Helen Mary TitusSenior Resident
5Dr.Sarath R SSenior Resident
6Dr.Ranitha RavindranathSenior Resident
7Dr. Sharun Abey KrianSenior Resident
8Dr. Athira MohananSenior Resident
9Dr. Paul JoyceSenior Resident


  1. General Plastic Surgery
    • Skin Grafting
    • Excision of Lesions
    • Local Flap Surgeries
  2. Surgical correction of congenital anomalies
    • Cranio facial anomalies- Cleft lip, Cleft Palate, Rare cranio-facial clefts
    • Secondary corrections- Alveolar bone grafting, Cleft lip nose correction, surgeries for speech problems in cleft palate
    • Correction of congenital Hand anomalies – joined fingers, extra fingers, absent thumb
    • Correction of genital anomalies- Hypospadias, absent vagina
  3. Reconstructive surgery in trauma and malignancies
    • Head and neck reconstruction
    • Post Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction
    • Limb reconstruction including replantation and revascularizations
    • Chest and abdominal wall reconstructions
  4. Micro Vascular Surgery : This is one of the few government sector institutions doing micro vascular surgeries regularly – like replantation, revascularizations, free tissue transfers and Brachial plexus surgeries
  5. Hand Surgery
    • Repair of Tendon and Nerve Injuries
    • Management of soft tissue defects and fractures of hand
    • Management of Tumors of hand
    • Tendon Transfers, Dupuytren’s Disease, Rheumatoid Hand
    • Correction of Congenital Hand Anomalies
  6. Aesthetic Surgery : Breast reduction, Breast augmentation, Gynecomastia corrections, Abdominoplasty (‘tummy tuck’), Rhinoplasty, Liposuction, Face lift, Hair transplant and many more.
  7. Transgender Surgeries
  8. Burns
    • Comprehensive care of acute burn patient including Critical care ,Analgesia, Physiotherapy and rehabilitation, Nutritional Support.
    • Burn related surgeries including escharotomies, fasciotomies, tangential wound excision, split skin grafting, Skin Substitutes, flap covers
    • Correction of post burn contractures


  • We are doing more than 1500 surgical procedures per year.
  • An average of 300 Micro vascular surgical procedures (Free tissue transfers, Re plantation/ revascularization, nerve repairs, AV Fistula creations) are being done per year
  • Publications
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  • Students of this department bagged first rank in M.Ch Plastic Surgery in 2020 and 2021
  • Students of this department have won PG best paper awards in 2022 and 2023 in the state level conference.
  • Alumni of this departments are well placed in both academic and non-academic positions in India and abroad.

Ongoing Research

  1. Wide awake local anesthesia no tourniquet (WALANT) vs brachial plexus block with tourniquet for zone 2 flexor tendon injury repair-By Dr Sarath R. S (M.Ch. Thesis)
  2. Outcomes of nanofat alone to that of a combination of platelet rich plasma and nanofat Injections in the management of scars – By Dr Sharun Abey Kurian (M.Ch. Thesis)
  3. Alterations in platelet counts after major lower extremity trauma-By Dr. Ranitha Ravindranath (M.Ch. Thesis)
  4. ‘Treatment outcome of ultra-early excision and grafting for thermal burns in comparison with Early excision and grafting’ – Dr. Athira Mohanan( M. Ch. Thesis)
  5. “Functional parameters of radial artery on the outcome of radio cephalic arteriovenous fistula” – Dr. Paul Joyce( M. Ch. Thesis)

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