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Dept. Head :Dr Mohandas M.K MD (Gen Med) DM Nephrology
OP Days & Time:Wednesday and Thursday
Renal transplant Follow up OPD:
Hemodialysis follow up OPD:Tuesday and Saturday of second week of every month
CAPD follow up OP days:Tuesday of third week of every month

About Us

Department of Nephrology ,Government Medical college, Kottayam has been a hub of tertiary care for patients with Kidney disease since September 1981.It is the only Government institution serving five revenue districts apart from Kottayam which includes Pathanamthitta, Idukki, Ernakulam and Alleppey.It was the perseverance, determination and single handed efforts of Dr Kasi Visweswaran, that launched the Nephrology department at Kottayam Medical college, as a division of General medicine department. He started Nephrology clinic in September 1981,initiated Intermittent Peritoneal Dialysis in September 1981 and Hemodialysis in February 1982.The department got upgraded as full fledged independent department in 2006.With the hardwork and dedication of eminent nephrologists like Dr Vimala, Dr KP Jayakumar, Dr Jacob George, Dr Usha Samuel and Dr Sebastian Abraham, the department has burgeoned since 2006.
The department that started functioning with two hemodialysis machines and three beds has now expanded to accommodate forty two Hemodialysis machines, two CRRT machines,twenty one bedded ward,two bedded Nephrology ICU,a High dependency unit, Renal transplant ICU and Transplant operation theatre.
Renal transplant programme started to grow wings by the year 2002.Even though the transplant preparatory work up and follow up started in the department since 1985, Live related renal transplant was started in the year 2002 and deceased donor renal transplant in December 2012.The department has successfully performed one hundred and sixty live related renal transplants and fifty five deceased donor renal transplants till date.
Post doctoral course DM Nephrology was awarded to the department in 1995 with one resident and it was upgraded to three residents per year,by 2021.In addition to the teaching of DM trainees, regular posting and teaching sessions are conducted for post graduates in other specialities like General Medicine, Biochemistry, Physiology and for MBBS students.We also have the privilege to mentor budding MBBS students in our department.
Diploma in dialysis technology course for dialysis technicians was started in the year 2004 and Bsc dialysis course in the year 2019.Eleven students are admitted each year in each of these courses since 2004 and 2019 respectively. Apart from this. teaching sessions are conducted for Msc Nursing and Bsc Nursing students. The whole department gets involved in the teaching activities of these students.
The Nephrology department has organised yearly Continuous Medical Education programmes and hosted Indian Society of Nephrology Southern Chapter conference’s five to six times over the last forty years.


  • Hemodialysis-two independent hemodialysis units which have seventeen and eight machines respectively. Additionally hemodialysis machines have been installed in various ICUs in the hospital like for emergency hemodialysis such as in Nephrology ICU, Medical ICU, Medicine Critical Care Unit, Surgery Critical Care Unit and Covid ICU.
  • In addition to hemodialysis, other special procedures like Sustained Low Efficiency Dialysis(SLED),Slow Continuous Ultrafiltration, Membrane Plasmapheresis, Hemoperfusion etc are performed.
  • Emergency procedures like Renal artery Embolization, Central Venoplasty, Balloon dilatation and Stenting of AV fistula are done with the help of Intervention Radiology team
  • AV fistula Creation is done with the help of CTVS, Plastic surgery and Urology team
  • Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy using two CRRT machines.
  • Peritoneal dialysis unit- Six bedded peritoneal dialysis unit for performing Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal Dialysis(CAPD) and Acute Peritoneal Dialysis
  • Procedure room -for performing procedures like ultrasound guided renal biopsy and ultrasound guided temporary catheter and tunnelled catheter insertion, CAPD insertion and Acute peritoneal dialysis insertion.
  • Renal transplant ICU
  • Transplant operation theatre
  • Twenty one bedded General ward for male and female patients
  • Two bedded Nephrology ICU
  • High dependency unit for immediate post operative care and for the care of critically ill Chronic Kidney Disease patients
  • Well equipped laboratory facility
  • Thirty seated Conference Hall to conduct academic sessions
  • A fully equipped Library.

Teaching staff

1Dr. Mohandas M.KProfessor
2Dr. Sebastian AbrahamProfessor
3Dr. Krishna SureshAssistant Professor
4Dr. Binoj PanekkatilAssistant Professor
5Dr. Unnikrishnan Ramachandran.VAssistant Professor
6Dr. Fousiya YoonusAssistant Professor
7Dr. Nandu Krishnan JSenior Resident
8Dr. Avin Alex MDSenior Resident
9Dr. Nidhila MohanSenior Resident
10Dr. Sruthi HaridasSenior Resident
11Dr. Jijo A.RSenior Resident
12Dr. Prinink PurushothamanSenior Resident
13Dr. Hajishmon ASenior Resident

Non-Teaching Staff

1Daisamma P TSenior Nursing Officer
2Sini K SSenior Nursing Officer
3Ashamol ChackoNursing officer grade 1
4Aji PaulNursing officer grade1
5Anitha K JoseNursing Officer
6Sheril KuriakoseNursing Officer
7Soorya KrishnanNursing Officer
8Lismol JNursing Officer
9Afsiya A.S.Nursing Officer
10Jimmy GeorgeTransplant coordinators
11Neethu P ThomasTransplant coordinators
12Surya Vinod (grade1)Lab Technician
13Sarayu S Dev (Grade2)Lab Technician
14Krishnakumar V.KClerical Attender
15Hima ThampanLab Asistant in Dialysis
16Santhimol KKLab Asistant in Dialysis
17Sunitha SLab Asistant in Dialysis
18ManjushaLab Asistant in Dialysis
19Rajesh JacobDialysis Assistant
20Binu G NairDialysis Assistant
21Rajani RajappanDialysis Assistant
22Jollamma.vDialysis Assistant
23Sumol SebastianDialysis Assistant
24Sindhu.K.MohanDialysis Assistant
25Madona. P. MathewDialysis Assistant
26Parvathy AshokanDialysis Assistant
27SreenuDialysis Assistant
28BismiDialysis Assistant
29Anju ManojDialysis Assistant
30Soumya E SDialysis Assistant
31Anju JosephDialysis Assistant
32Jestimol SimonDialysis Assistant
33Jisha JoseDialysis Assistant
34Sangeetha Gopi
35Saranya K.PDialysis Technician
36Minto JosephDialysis Technician
37Chithu PrakashDialysis Technician
38Nikhitha S.VDialysis Technician
39Minu R NairDialysis Technician
40Anand AsokanDialysis Technician
41Neethu K.SDialysis Technician
42Sujith.M.KDialysis Technician
43Suchithra M.KDialysis Technician
44Babitha P.BDialysis Technician
45Amitha K BabyDialysis Technician
46Arun.K.SDialysis Technician
47Anjali PrasadDialysis Technician
48Jeffi MathewDialysis Technician
49Athul BennyDialysis Technician
50Renju N.RDialysis Technician
51Anjali AnilkumarDialysis Technician
52Anu.VADialysis Technician
53Gopika GopiDialysis Technician
54Aromal UnnikrishnanDialysis Technician


  • First prize in All India Quiz competition in 2005-Dr Manjula and Dr. Biju
  • Tanker ward for best clinical research study in 2013 -Dr. Roshin Joseph
  • Several best paper awards, prizes for quiz competition in state conferences and ISN southern chapters


  1. Hand grip strength (HGS) and its correlates in the assessment of protein energy malnutrition (PEM) in maintenance hemodialysis patients-Dr. Nandu Krishnan J
  2. Blood stream infections in maintenance hemodialysis patients with dysnatremia -Dr. Avin Alex
  3. New onset Diabetes after transplantation (NODAT)in renal transplant recepients- Dr. Nidhila Mohan
  4. Tubular atrophy and interstitial fibrosis and its association with renal doppler indices in Ig A nephropathy-Dr. Sruthi Haridas
  5. Linguistic validation of PACIC-5A score(patient assessment of chronic illness care-5a on Malayalam and its association with clinical characteristics and quality of life among hemodialysis patients in south Kerala- Dr. Ragi Krishnan G
  6. Clinical outcome and cost effectiveness of percutaneous CAPD catheter insertion using suprapubic cystostomy trocar as compared to conventional percutaneous method using peel away sheath among CKD patients-Dr. Ragi Krishnan G

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