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July 28th – World Hepatitis Day Celebration

On the occasion of World Hepatitis Day, under the aegis of Department of Gastroenterology and Department of Microbiology, Kottayam Medical College organized Fibroscan test and Hepatitis B antibody test for staff and doctors. Superintendent Dr. T. K.Jayakumar performed the inauguration. Dr. Sandesh, Head of Gastroenterology Department, Dr. Sunil, Head of Surgery Department, and Dr. Darley, Head of Pediatric Medicine spoke.
The Continuing Medical Education programme was inaugurated by Principal Dr. S. Sankar. Vice Principal Dr. Varghese P Punnoose and Head of Microbiology Department Dr. Sreekumari spoke. Dr. Nimmi Paul, Dr. Netto, Dr. Saji Sebastian and Dr. Ramu took classes. Discussions were held on the importance of lifestyle control and the importance of early detection and treatment of hepatitis. Dr. Sindhu, Head of Liver Transplant Surgery Department, Dr. Radha, Head of Medicine Department, Dr. Sajith Kumar, Head of Infectious Disease Department, Dr. Latha, Head of Pathology Department, Dr. Sairu Philip, Head of Community Medicine, Dr. Sabina, Head of Pharmacology Department, and Dr. Beenakumari, Head of Gynecology Department led the discussions.

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