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Department Of Infection Control

In order to provide better and safer hospital practices for the patients and personnel in MCH Kottayam, we have a strong infection control team since December 2017. This team is functioning according to the of the National guidelines.


    • HICC has the Hospital superintendent as the chairman and HOD Microbiology as the member secretary. HICC meeting is conducted every 2 months and discussions are made regarding infection prevention and control practices, preventive and corrective actions taken in each areas and evaluating the outcomes timely.
  • Link nurses system
    • For the implementation and monitoring of infection control practices,  link nurse from each areas are appointed . We are selected and trained nurses from all the areas of our institution. Along with senior nursing officers they carry out infection control activities in their respective areas. They do the surveillance activities, monitoring and communicate all the relevant information to the infection control team. Meeting of Link nurse and SNOs are conducting every month. Monthly reports are presenting and needed corrections were given.

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