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DEPARTMENT OF General Surgery

Dept. Head :Dr. S.Sunil
OP Days & Time:Monday to Saturday ( 6 Units)
Operation Days:Monday to Saturday ( 6 Units)
Ward No:9,11,12,13,14,15,PAYWARDS,SICU
E Sanjeevani:Yes
Online Booking:Yes

Brief History

1963 : Department of Surgery was started
Jan Professor N Balsalam became the first Professor and Head of Department on
Jan 15th 1963
1973 : Postgraduate training started with two seats.
The first post graduate trainee enrolled on 01-06-1973
Professor K.J Jacob became the first Director and Professor of Surgery
1975 : Gastroscopy was started
1976-77: Urology , Neuro surgery and plastic surgery departments were started
1984 : Postgraduate seats increased to eight
Department of cardio thoracic and vascular surgery started
1987 : Main theatre complex expanded with 8 theatres
1989 : First Open Heart surgery performed
1992 : Causality Emergency Operation Theatre (CEOT) opened
IMC recognition for postgraduate training obtained
1993 : Separate department library opened
1996 : First Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy performed
1999 : Prof.K.J Jacob memorial surgical intensive care unit started
2003 : Elective Laparoscopic surgery started on a regular basis
First issue of “Cutting Edge”,the scientific publication from the department of
surgery published
Endotrainer established
2006 : ICU Ventilator purchased
2007 : Second ICU Ventilator installed
Cardiac defibrillator installed
2008 : Renovation of SICU
New Surgery Seminar hall opened
2009 : First issue of “Scalpel”, the in house magazine of department of Surgery
Residency system implemented in the department
2021 : PG seats increased to twelve seats
2022 : Additional male and female wards opened

Succession list of the head of the departments of Surgery

1Prof. N.Balsalam1963-65
2Prof. K.J Jacob1965-70
3Prof. Mathew Varughese1970-73
4Prof. K.J Jacob1973-80
5Prof. Mathew Varughese1980-86
6Prof. V.O Poulose1987-89
7Prof. P.J James1989-90
8Prof. Chacko Valayil1990-92
9Prof. P.G.R Pillai1992-94
10Prof. K.Shankaran1995-96
11Prof. K.N.Vijayan 1996
12Prof. V.G Appukuttan1996-98
13Prof. S.Vaidyanatha1998-2001
14Prof. R Dayananda Babu2001-04
15Prof. Jacob.P.Thomas2004- 15
16Prof. John S Kurien2015 – 2019
17Dr. V. Anil Kumar2019 march-2019 July
18Dr. M. N. Sasikumar2019 August-2021 April
19Dr. Jose Gamalial2021 May
20Dr. S. Sunil2021 June-2021 August
21Dr. V. Anil Kumar2021 September-Continuing

Teaching Staff

1Dr.S.SunilProfessor & HOD
3Dr. Sam Christy MammenProfessor(CAP)
4Dr. Renjin R PAsso.Professor
6Dr.Sansho.E.UProfessor (CAP)
7Dr. Jos V StanleyAsst.Professor
8Dr.Sandeep AbrahamVarghesAsso.Professor
9Dr. Jithesh ChandranAsst.Professor
10Dr. Jomine JoseAsst.Professor
11Dr. Arun SrinivasAsst.Professor
12Dr.Tom Thomas KattoorAsst.Professor
13Dr Anish A VAsst.Professor
14Dr Anup Paul VarkeyAsst.Professor
15Dr Manoop BAsst.Professor
16Dr. Arun SebastianAsst.Professor

Non-Teaching Staff

1Shajeela S NConfidential Assistant
2R. SunilkumarJunior Lab Assistant

Courses run by the Department

Name of CourseAnnual intake

Exclusively for the Dept. of Surgery

Patient care facilities available

  • Availability of surgical experts including senior and junior consultants, senior and junior residents and house surgeons round the clock.
  • Bed strength of 249 beds with separate male and female, general and post operative wards with current bed occupancy rate of over 100%.
  • Full fledged surgical intensive care unit (18 bedded) with ventilators as well as invasive and non-invasive patient monitoring facilities.
  • Full fledged theatre complex with 3 major theatres and 1 minor theatre functioning 6 days a week.
  • Regular Laparoscopic unit functioning 6 days a week.
  • Full fledged Casualty department functioning round the clock, 365 days / year with facilities for acute care and management and for dealing mass casualty.
  • Casualty Emergency Operation Theatre (CEOT) working round the clock.
  • Out – patient department functioning 6 days a week with a turnover of average 200 patients per day.
  • Out – patient day surgery theatre on all days.
  • Round the clock lab and radio diagnostic facilities including CT scan.

Teaching facilities

  • Expert faculty
  • 219 teaching beds with annual admissions averaging 7030 admissions.
  • Rooms for clinical demonstration.
  • Seminar rooms
  • Class rooms with advanced audio-visual teaching facilities.
  • Separate department library with access to national and international journals.

Office Rooms

  1. Head of the Department & Unit Chief S1
  2. Professor of Surgery & Unit Chief S2
  3. Assoc.Professor of Surgery & Unit Chief S3
  4. Assoc.Professor of Surgery & Unit Chief S4
  5. Assoc.Professor of Surgery & Unit Chief S5
  6. Assoc.Professor of Surgery & Unit Chief S6
  7. Common faculty room
  8. Department Library cum CA’s office
  9. Seminar room
  10. Endotrainer room for laparoscopy
  11. Junior Doctors room male and female separate

Other Rooms

  1. Staff room for Asst. professors & Lecturers
  2. Post Graduate’s room
  3. Surgical Wards & beds-Detailed attached
  4. Operation Theatres (3 major & 1 minor theatre each day)

Shared with other departments

  1. Central Library
  2. Electronic Library (Learning Resources Centre)
  3. Clinical Labs
  4. Pathology Lab
  5. Blood Bank


  1. Keltron Film projector and accessories
  2. Desktop computer
  3. Operating Laparoscope
  4. Ventilators in SICU
  5. ECG Monitors
  6. Pulse Oxymeter
  7. Defibrillator with ECG Monitor
  8. Laparoscopic Endotrainer

Academic Activities

  • Clinical demonstration
  • Clinico-pathological conferences
  • Didactic lecturers
  • Tutorials
  • Seminars
  • Bed side clinics
  • Casualty training
  • Journal clubs
  • Symposia
  • Clinical club
  • Case presentations
  • Surgical club
  • Panel discussion

Papers Presented

Dr. John S KURIEN, Associate Professor, presented a paper on Retromandibular vein approach for parotidectomy in December 1998 at the National Conference of Association of Surgeons of India. He also conducted a study from 1997-1999 to establish the correlation of the iodine content of drinking water and urinary iodine content in patients with goitre to identify the incidence of iodine deficiency diarrhoea in goitre patients in Central Travancore


Conducted every year by the department


Conducted every year

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