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DEPARTMENT OF Community Medicine

Dept. Head :Dr. Sairu Philip
OP Time & Days:9.00 am – 12.00 Daily except Sundays including Public Holidays
Specialty Clinics
Preventive Clinic (Anti Rabies clinic):All Days
9.00am to 4.00pm Preventive clinic OP
(Room No.118)
4.00 pm to 9.00 am-Causality (Room No.141)

About Us

Community Medicine is a discipline that imparts knowledge, skills, attitudes, values and responsiveness to medical graduates so that they may be able to to function appropriately and effectively as primary care physicians who ‘understand and provide preventive, promotive, curative, rehabilitative, palliative and holistic care with compassion’ This is one department where undergraduates are trained from their first year till internship in diverse settings-community, PHC, CHC, District hospital and Medical College hospital. From this experiential learning they are expected to accrue clinical, epidemiological, public health, managerial and leadership skills so that they can intuitively work with communities to reach a community diagnosis and effectively initiate changes with community participation.

Teaching Staff & Non-Teaching Staff

Sl. NoDoctor nameDesignation
1.Dr. Sairu PhilipProfessor & HOD
2.Dr. Geethadevi MAssociate Professor (Professor CAP)
3.Dr. Biju GeorgeAssociate Professor
4.Dr. Anupa LucasAssociate Professor CAP
5.Dr. Asha Joan MuraliAssistant Professor& AMO
6.Dr. Ajith RAssistant Professor cum Epidemiologist
7.Dr. Ronnie ThomasAssistant Professor
8.Dr. Anju C MathewAssistant Professor &
Administrative Medical Officer UHTC
9.Dr. SanthoshkumarA.GLecturer in Sociology
10.Dr. Thushara MathewAssistant Professor
11.Dr. Parameswaran NampoothiriAssistant Professor
12Dr. RajinaK.RSenior Resident
13.Dr. Kripa SomanSenior Resident
14.Dr. Rani Suhra S.Junior Resident 3
15.Dr. Prithiba BJunior Resident 3
16.Dr. GireeshC.GJunior Resident 2
17.Dr. Jasna Raj P.Junior Resident 2
18.Dr. Riya RoseJunior Resident 1
19.Dr. Shilpa SunilJunior Resident 1
20.Shri. Ratheesh T.THealth Inspector Gr.I
21.Shri. Jiji AugustineHealth Inspector Gr. II
22.Smt. LinumolP.SConfidential Assistant Gr.I
23.Shri. Dinesh P BhaskaranJunior Lab Assistant
24.Smt. Sasikala KFull Time Sweeper
25.Smt. SoudabeeviM.AFull Time Sweeper
26.Shri. Pramod D NairDEO IDSP
27Smt. Rekha Das T.DDEO R-PEID Cell


I. Clinical & community based training of undergraduates (175/year)

PhaseLectureSmall Group Learning/DiscussionSelf Directed LearningFamily Adoption ProgrammeClinical Posting
Phase 1202759 visits = 27 hrs
Phase 22030106 visits = 30 hrs60 hours
Phase 3
(Part 1)
406056 visits = 30 hrs108 hours
Phase 3
(Part 2)
5 hrs
Internship12 weeks

II. Clinical & community based training of postgraduates of MD-Community Medicine

III. OP Services within Government Medical College

OP servicesDaysTimeServices
Local OPDaily except Sundays including Public Holidays9.00 am to 12.00-Treatment for all common ailments
-Minor surgical procedures
-Referral services
-Training of House surgeons
-Daily Life style modification counseling
-Disease surveillance
Preventive Clinic (Anti Rabies clinic)24 hrs X 365 days9.00am to 4.00pm Preventive clinic OP
(Room No.118)

9.00am to 4.00pm Preventive clinic OP
(Room No.118)
Post exposure prophylaxis in Rabies
-Administration of immunoglobulin
-Administration of IDRV
Administration of vaccines
Hands on training to doctors & nurses of District health Services on post exposure prophylaxis

iv. Surveillance activity coordinated by Department within the Medical College

Regional PEID(Prevention of Epidemic &Infectious Diseases) Cell-Daily reporting  of infectious diseases diagnosed in the  hospital to DMO and State for timely action
-Training of hospital&field staff in Hospital infection control & Communicable diseases
-Initiation of outbreak response activities in coordination with District health team
Integrated Disease Surveillance ProgramDaily & weekly reporting  of communicable diseases to the DMO

v. Field demonstration centres of Community Medicine department

Urban Health Training Centre-KMCH EttumannoorOP,IP,Outreach programs & routine preventive,promotive,rehabilitative &palliative care activities of the area.(including National Programs)
Rural Health Training Centre,Koodalloor

vi. Mentoring in Research Methodology

Annual Research Methodology workshops-Faculty of Community Medicine conducts Annual Research methodology Workshop for postgraduates
-Mentors faculty and postgraduates in protocol development for research providing methodological &statistical support.

vii.Community based activities

Collaboration with District health Services-Epidemic Control
-Communicable disease death Audit
-Capacity building initiatives
-Evaluation & Monitoring of national Programs
-Training of interns in taluk/district hospitals
Technical advice to Local Self Governments in innovative health projects-The formulation of  health projects are supported and implementation mentored
Behavioural Change Communication to students,volunteers&all stakeholders  in subjects of public health importance-All faculty involved inbehavioural change communications for communicable & non communicable disease control
Capacity building in community based palliative care-Home care services to bedridden patients of Arpookara Panchayath in association with Sanjeevani (Palliative Care Unit of Kottayam Medical College students and Palliative nurse of Athirampuzha PHC.


  • Introduction of Brief Intervention Skills for Tobacco Cessation in Community Medicine  curriculum;Brief Intervention skills in tobacco cessation initiated for medical studentsof 2021.2020 and 2019 MBBS batches using interactive lectures,group discussions and role play.
  • FRIENDS.COM(Family Visits Regular for Insight & Empathy to Needs & Diseases in the Soceity)  organized for bedridden patients along with palliative Care team of Arpookkara.
  • Family Adoption Program 2021 batch was initiated at ward 1 of Manjadikkari and 175 students were allotted the houses in the ward-the most difficult to reach ward in Arpookkara Panchayath



Assessment of Unmet Needs and Access to Assistive Technologies Among the General Population Through Digital rATA Tool – a Cross- Sectional Survey in India – ICMR Multicentric study.

Postgraduate research projects:

  1. Prevalence of Anxiety Disorders and its Associated Factors Among Adolescents in Arpookara Panchayath
  2. Assessment of Dependency Based on Activities of Daily Living and Associated Factors among Elderly Aged more than 60 years in Central Kerala
  3. Social, Occupational & Environmental risk factors of Leptospirosis in Kottayam district – A Case Control Study
  4. Prevalence of latent Tuberculosis infection among household contacts of Pulmonary Tuberculosis patients in selected Tuberculosis units in Kottayam district
  5. Prevalence and Determinants of Anemia mong tribal women in the reproductive age group of Pathanamthitta District
  6. Prevalence and Patterns of Multimorbidity Among Persons with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Above 40 years of age in Arpookkara Panchayath Kottayam District Kerala.

Undergraduate research projects

2019 MBBS Batch

  1. Adverse events following 1st and 2nd dose of Covishield vaccination among adults aged 18 years and above vaccinated from Urban Health Care Training Centre of Govt. Medical College, Kottayam
  2. Postpartum depression among women attending a tertiary care centre in Central Kerala
  3. Vaccination status among adult covid 19 patients
  4. Practice of defensive medicine among junior medical practitioners in a tertiary health care centre Kottayam
  5. Prevalence of computer vision syndrome and associated riskfactors in adolescents in Kerala
  6. Profile of patients attending post covid 19 clinic in a tertiary care centre in Central Kerala
  7. A cross sectional study to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice of needle stick injury among nursing staff in tertiary health care hospital, Kottayam
  8. Social, Environmental and Behavioural determinants of Leptospirosis infection in Kottayam district. A case control study
  9. Proportion of post covid respiratory syndromes among patients attending the post covid clinic at Kottayam Medical College

2020 MBBS Batch

  1. Maternal & Foetal outcomes in obesity complicating pregnancy
  2. Profile of children with speech delay presenting to REIC
  3. Knowledge Attitude & Practice of electronic waste generation among households of Ettumanoor Panchayath
  4. Prevalence of Suicidal Ideas among patients with depression attending psychiatry department in a tertiary care hospital.
  5. Prevalence of work related Musculo skeletal pain among Nurses working at a tertiary care centre. – A cross sectional study
  6. Feeding Practices & Anthropometric measurements of children aged 6 months to one year in Arpookara Panchayath

2021 MBBS Batch-Proposed projects

  1. Prevalence of Anemia and its associated factors among women aged 15 to 59 years in Manjadikkari ward of Arpookara Panchayath
  2. COPD assessment using CAT score and Tuberculosis vulnerability scoring in Manjadikkari ward of Arpookara Panchayath
  3. Physical activity assessment and NCD status of adults in Manjadikkari ward of Arpookara Panchayath
  4. Oral health profile and associated factors in Manjadikkari ward of Arpookara Panchayath


  • Jagratha-Rabies Awareness classes conducted with Manorama Horizon from September 28, World Rabies Day. Prepared a comprehensive comic pamphlet for education and a highly interactive class for dispelling myths about rabies and for awareness regarding postexposure prophylaxis in rabies. Over 3000 school students in selected schools of the district trained.
  • District health Services & Department jointly conducted hands on comprehensive training on “Rabies-Post Exposure Prophylaxis” for all Medical officers and staff nurses in the district. There was a one day training session followed by hands on practice at the Preventive Clinic at MCH
  • First batch of CBME students -175 had their clinicosocial case examinatiom performed in the field with examiners both during final sessionals and University practical examination. Special thanks to the 332 houses in Arpookkara panchayath who hosted students for their practical clinical examination in the field


Dr Sairu Philip

  1. Dr. Bernard Lown Scholar in Cardiovascular Diseases- Harvard School of Public Health
  2. Member – Working group on Medical & Public Health (Modern Medicine) 14th FiveYear Plan; Kerala State Planning Board.2021-2024
  3. Member – Kerala State Palliative Care Policy; Working Group on Palliative Care 2022
  4. Chairperson-State Operational Research –National Tuberculosis Elimination Program. Kerala State 2022-2023
  5. State Nodal Officer –Sub National verification of TB claims by Districts-2020,2021, 2022.
  6. Core Committee member-State Board of Medical Research-DME 2022
  7. Faculty -National Medical Council Nodal Centre Kottayam 2023
  8. State IAPSM President
  9. MPhil in Clinical Epidemiology-KUHS 2018
  10. Advance Course in Medical Education 2014
  11. ASCEND (Asian Collaboration for Excellence in Non-Communicable Disease) Fellow 2011
  12. FAIMER Fellow (Foundation for Advancement & International Medical Education & Research) 2009

Dr Geethadevi. M

  1. Faculty -National Medical Council Nodal Centre Kottayam since 2013
  2. Coordinator -Regional Prevention of Epidemic & Infectious Disease Cell &IDSP; Kottayam 2023
  3. Nodal Officer- National Medical Council Biometric Punching; Kottayam-2023
  4. Advance Course in Medical Education 2014
  5. MPhil in Behavioral Medicine 2014(MG University)

Dr. Biju George

  1. Member, Health Technology Assessment Committee, Government of Kerala
  2. Member, State Operational Research Committee, NTEP, Kerala
  3. Member. Technical Advisory committee, School of Family studies, KUHS, Kerala
  4. Member, Board of Studies in Bio-Statistic, University of Calicut, Kerala
  5. Core Committee member-State Board of Medical Research-DME
  6. MPhil in Clinical Epidemiology (First Batch KUHS)
  7. Leads Research Methodology Workshops for faculty & PG students in diverse academic forums of the State/Regional/National level.

Dr. Anupa Lucas

  1. ASCEND (Asian Collaboration for Excellence in Non-Communicable Disease) Fellow 2012
  2. FAIMER Fellow (Foundation for Advancement & International Medical Education & Research) 2013
  3. State Nodal Officer IAPSM World Health Day Quiz 2023
  4. District Nodal Officer –Sub National verification of TB claims by Districts- 2022.
  5. Organising Secretary Research Methodology Workshop for Post Graduates-2022
  6. Family Adoption Program 2022 MBBS Batch (Marginalised urban Colonies)- Co-ordinator

Dr. Asha Joan Murali

  1. Scholar in MPhil Clinical Epidemiology (Kerala University of Health Sciences) 2022
  2. Administrative Medical Officer-Health Training Centre

Dr. Ajith R

  1. Organizing Secretary Research Methodology Workshop for Post Graduates-2023
  2. Medical Officer in charge -Anti Rabies Clinic

Dr. Anju C Mathew

  1. Administrative Medical Officer -Health Training Centre
  2. Family Adoption Program 2021 MBBS Batch (ward 1 Arpookkara (Manjadikkari)- Coordinator

Academic Excellence

  • Dr. Thushara & Dr. Regina among top scorers in KUHS MD Exam June 2022
  • Dr. Santhosh kumar A. G  PhD in Sociology in 2022


Government Medical College

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