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DEPARTMENT OF Biomedical engineering

Dept. Head :Joby Mathew

About Us

Biomedical engineering department is the maintenance dept. for the Medical College and attached hospitals. We carry out Repair, Maintenance and Calibration of Biomedical equipment , electrical and Electronic equipment and air conditioning systems. Also we are operating and maintaining Medical Gas System which include Liquid Oxygen plants, PSA plants, Air and Vacuum plants, Manifolds etc. We are providing round the clock service for the smooth and safe running of the hospital.

Facilities Available

  • Fully equipped calibration Lab
  • CentralĀ  Maintenance Workshop
  • Equipment Demonstration Room , Class Room

Technical Staff- Permanent

  1. Shajimon Sebastian
  2. Manoj VR
  3. Rajesh TS
  4. Praveen VB
  5. Lijesh v
  6. Jestin Joseph
  7. Prakash K N

Class 4

  1. Jayamma ND
  2. Lailabeevi K A

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