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MBBS ADMISSION 2017 Introduction Programme

An introduction programme was conducted on 1st August 2017 at 8.30am for the new batch MBBS students and their parents. Those students who were absent for introduction programme have to contact HOD Mob No: 9447125217

Medical PG Classes will commence from 02/05/2016

Access to clinical key via mobile app - Training programme on 10/05/2016 at 2pm in Golmedex Hall, C2 Block


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Welcome to Official web site of Government Medical College, Kottayam, Kerala


Inauguration of Examination Hall, Library. House Surgeons Hostel. Ladies Hostel Annexe Biogas plant for Rs. 20 lakhs started Linear Accelerator for Radiotherapy – Rs. 7 crores in the process of installing MRI Scan Inaugurated PG Seats enhanced. Total PG seats : 28 Trauma Care Centre Inaugurated on 4th September 2010


Inauguration of Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) Machines installed meeting the expenditure out of MP’s fund (Sri. Suresh Kurup, MP, Kottayam) Linear Accelerator costing Rs. 700/- lakhs: – Unit reached


Access to clinical key via mobile app - Training programme on 10/05/2016 at 2pm in Golmedex Hall, C2 Block


Increase of MBBS annual intake from 100 to 150 admission onwards


Inauguration of learning resource center – January   Inauguration of Vali’s children’s cancer care center (Leukemia ward) in ICH October   Telemedicine project started functioning.


Inauguration of Dental College building


4 major construction started   (a) Construction of phase 1 of cardiology – cardiothoracic block started estimate 320 lakhs.   (b) Construction of the (C2 block) intended for housing the remaining depts. Viz; Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry and Comm. Medicine, which are still functioning in the temporary buildings put up in 1962   (c) 300 bedded hostel for nursing students   (d) Obst. & Gynaecology block-Phase I


Dental College started functioning in the campus


Path, Micro, Pharmacology and library shifted to the new C block


The new MC administrative block opened in Oct.1985   College of Nursing shifted to Gandhinagar in November 1985; starts functioning from the space vacated by college office (present Dental College)


College of Nursing Kottayam started functioning from May 1982 with 25 BSc(Ng) students. Due to lack of facilities at MCK, it was accommodated at the college of nursing TVM.


Affliation was shifted to Gandhiji University (renamed Mahathma Gandhi University later) when it was established in 1980’s bifurcating the Kerala University.


Annual intake of MBBS increased to 100 from 1979-80 admission onwards


Strength of admission increased from 80 to 85 during 1977-78; Bed strength stood at 837


ESI hospital with its quarters and campus was taken over from ESI Corporaton on payment and converted as Institute of Child Health in April 1975, shifting the Paeds dept from DH Kottayam


Construction of ABC block of MCH at Arpookara was completed; other major departments were shifted from DH Kottayam to MCH Gandhinagar in 1974 & 75   The Campus and the surrounding locality were christened as Gandhinagar


PG Courses (MS Surgery & MD Medicine) started from 1973-74 (01.06.1973)


Construction of the present OP block and laundry of MCH at Arpookara was completed.   Medical College Hospital at Arpookara was formally inaugurated by the then Minister for health Sri KM George on 14.04.1970   Departments of Medicine & Surgery were shifted from DH Kottayam to MCH Arpookara. Other depts. Continued to function at DH Kottayam (MCH Kottayam)   Campus in 1970 consisted of the semi permanent buildings to house pre & para clinical departments, library, animal house, college office & central workshop (earlier women’s hostel and now part of DCK), pharmacy, MCH EFG block, laundry, kitchen block, women’s hostel (now MHSQ), men’s hostel, PHED, PWD office & store, Quartes type A: 01-10, B: 01-13, C: 01-17, D: 01-05, E: 01-16, F: 01-16, G: 01-34, and 7 no’s of acquired buildings


Construction EFG block and Kitchen block of MCH at Arpookara was completed.


The MC Health Centre at Ettumanoor was established in 1965 abolishing the Govt.Dispensary there.


The Dist Hospital at Kottayam was brought under MCK and used as teaching hospital (MCH Kottayam) from January 1963 onwards;a 100 bedded block for Medicine and surgery and another 116- bedded block for O& G and Paediatrics were constructed in the DH complex in 1963 and 1964.Total 216 teaching beds   III batch (1963) with increased strength of 60 students was admitted at MCK itself on 01.08.63   Construction of permanent buildings for hostels for men and women, quarters etc were undertaken from 1963   Annual intake increased to 80 from 1964 batch   An area of 2.3 square miles around the campus was declared as Controlled Area and “Kottayam Medical College Area Development Authority” was constituted to ensure proper development


1961 admission (I batch – 50 students) joined the campus on 06.01.1963 after 1st MBBS at Thiruvananthapuram.


Site for the Campus was identified in 1962 and acquisition begins.This area was the confluence of 3 panchayaths,viz; Kumaranalloor,Athirampuzha and Arpookara and formed part of the territorial limits of 3 villages also,ie; Perumbaikkad, Athirampuzha and Kaipuzha(Present day Arpookara)   Dr. CM Francis was appointed as Principal and Special Officer of the Medical College Kottayam. He took over on 07.05.1962 and started functioning from Kottayam town.   Semi permanent buildings were constructed to house the college and two hostels(one for 100 male and the other for 50 female students)   Second batch (01.08.1962) of 50 students were also accommodated at MC Thiruvananthapuram.   The Inspection Commision of the Kerala University visited the college on 07.10.1962 for assessing the facilities;affliation was granted on the basis of Commission’s report   1962 admission (II batch – 50 students) accommodated at Thiruvananthapuram joined the Arpookara Campus on 03.12.1962 after 3 months (September to November 1962) at TVM.   The Medical College was formally inaugurated on 03.12.1962 by Sri.R Sankar,the Chief Minister of Kerala in the presence of Sri.M P Govindan Nair,the Health Minister Campus on the day of inauguration consisted of the semi permanent buildings to house pre clinical and para clinical departments,library,animal house,store,Ladies hostel (now DCK) and Men’s hostel (now MHSQ) besides the PWD office and 7 acquired buildings.


First batch (1961 batch) of 50 MBBS students were selected and accommodated at Medical College Thiruvananthapuram from 01.08.1961


The project for establishing a Medical College at Kottayam was included in the third Five Year Plan

Trauma Care Centre Inauguration.

by : Smt. P.K. Sreemathy Teacher (Hon. Health Minister) on 2010 September 4 Saturday, 10 a.m.at Medical College Hospital campus Chief guests : Sri. Jose K. Mani M.P.and Sri. V.N. Vasavan M.L.A.
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