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Department of Psychiatry

Dept. Head
Dr.Varghese P.Punnoose
Northern part of female medical in patient wing
OP Days & Time
Monday to Saturday
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  Faculty & Staff of Psychiatry Department
Doctor name
  Dr. V. Sathesh
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 Facilities of Psychiatry Department


                        The Department of Psychiatry  Government Medical College Kottayam has the unique distinction of being the first General Hospital Psychiatry unit in the state of Kerala. The Department caters to the needs of the revenue districts of Kottayam, Idukki, Pathanamthitta, and parts of Ernakulam and Alappuzha. This is the only tertiary care facility available in the government sector in the whole of Central Kerala. In fact it is the only Psychiatry Department in the government sector which caters to the mental health needs of the whole of Central Kerala.



The Dept. of Psychiatry was established in 1967. Postgraduate training (MD) in Psychiatry was started in the year 2003. We have an annual intake of 2 MD candidates. The department also served as the training center for DNB candidates.


In addition to the regular works, the Government of India entrusted the Department to conduct the District Mental Health Program Idukki (a project under National Mental Health Programme) in 2006. This is a big recognition for the Department.  The Department has conducted CMEs at National, Zonal and State levels in addition to annual CMEs at the institution level. Annual orations by eminent leaders and researchers in Psychiatry are a well-acclaimed activity of the Department.


Even with the limited faculty strength and infrastructure facilities, daily outpatient clinics, consultation - liaison services and 6 specialty clinics are also being conducted. The faculties are regularly invited to present papers at international and national levels on various topics of their expertise.


Present Faculty Position


Professor and Head                Dr. V. Sathesh                       

Associate Professor                 Dr. P. G. Saji

Assistant Professors                Dr. Lekshmy Gupthan

                                                Dr. Nisha Cyriac

                                                Dr. Ganga G. Kaimal

                                                Dr. Sandeep Alex


Senior Resident                       Dr. Rani Jancy A.R.

Clinical Psychologist                         Vacant

Psychiatric Social Worker       Mr. Tomy Mathew


Junior Residents                   

                                                Dr. Nathalia Elizabath Chacko

                                                Dr. Aswin Krishnan Ajith

                                                Dr. Tony Mathew

                                                Dr. Ashok Antony

Dr. Diya P Albert

Dr. Mohammed Issudeen



Present Infrastructure


  1. OP -  3 cubicles and a reception area situated in the OP building
  2. IP -  One male and one female ward.
  3. One De-addiction ward (8 beds)
  4. One Child Room
  5. One ECT Room
  6. One Room  for Professor and Head
  7. One room each for Additional Professor & Associate Professor,
  8. One common room for Assistant Professors
  9. One room each for Clinical Psychologist and Psychiatric Social Worker
  10. One room for DMHP Office
  11. Total bed strength 42


 Services delivered


Daily (except Sunday) out patient service from 9.00 am to 01.00 p.m. An average of 80 patients per day attends the OPD. On an average 30 to 40 patients per day receive in-patient care. Emergency care is provided on a 24 hours basis.


On average, 10 patients referred from other departments in the hospital get the service as a part of  Consultation Liaison Service.. Legal.  Forensic Services are rendered for cases sent by civil / criminal / family courts. Certification for disability and scholastic difficulties are issued from the department regularly to people in a wide geographic territory covering 5 districts of Kerala.


Specialty Clinics  (09.00 AM)


    A faculty member is in charge of each clinic. Postgraduate trainees from other specialties like Pediatrics also get trained in these clinics. Research work done in these clinics have been presented and published in various international and national conferences. They have also been published in scientific journals.

            1. De addiction                      Wednesday

            2. Tobacco Cessation             Wednesday

3. Suicide Prevention            Friday

            4. Child and Adolescent        Saturday

            5. Rehabilitation Clinic         Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

            6. Studentsí Counselling       Saturday (11.00 AM



Patient Details


Approximately 24,000 outpatient visits and 1000 admissions are handled by the Department in a calendar year.  In addition, specialty clinics cater to several hundreds of patients.




M.B.B.S Training


Vth Semester M.B.B.S students undergo two weeks of clinical training in the Department. The training is conducted in a systematic manner. At the end of the clinical posting there is an examination, which include written, practical and orals. Students should also submit a record of cases at the end of the posting. The marks of the examination are included for the General Medicine internal assessment. A feed-back on the posting in Psychiatry is also gathered from the students at the end of the posting. 20 hours of theory classes for final year MBBS students and 5 hours of introductory classes for 1st year MBBS students are also being conducted.


Post-Graduate Training


     Regular and scheduled academic activities are conducted for Postgraduate training every day. There are  seminar / case discussion / journal club. Faculty members by turn chair the academic activities. Postgraduates are given individualized supervision and training in clinical methods, diagnosis, pharmacological management, psychotherapy and research.  Postgraduates from the Departments of General Medicine, Pharmacology and Community Medicine are also undergoing  training in psychiatry in the Department.


Neuro-psychiatry Discussions are conducted every fortnight on Thursdays in association with the Dept. of Neuromedicine.

It has been made mandatory for the Junior Residents to present research papers in conferences.


House Surgeonsí posting


     House Surgeons (H.S.)are posted in Psychiatry for 15 days. It starts with an introduction on general behavior by HOD. House surgeons have to present topics and cases to faculty members. An examination is conducted at the end of posting and a feed-back is given to them. Feed-back on posting is also gathered from H.S.




            50 B.Sc. Nursing students and 4 M.Sc. Nursing students from College of Nursing get trained here. Faculty members are involved in theoretical, practical and research training for the nursing students.




District Mental Health Program (DMHP) for Idukki under the National Mental Health Program was taken up by the Department in the year 2006. The Department serves as the Nodal office for the DMHP, Idukki District. One of the Assistant Professors serves as the Nodal officer. The DMHP team consists of a field psychiatrist, a psychiatric social worker, a staff nurse and a clerk. The team operates from Idukki under the supervision of the Principal, Government Medical College Kottayam, the Head of the Department of Psychiatry, DMO(H) Idukki and the Nodal Officer. The team visits 18 identified Primary Health Centers in different parts of Idukki according to a fixed schedule. Patients receive comprehensive psychiatric care including free medicines.


            The DMHP also conducts IEC (Information, Education, Communication) activities for health care workers, NGOs, and works in close liaison with the Department of Health Services and LSGs. Primary care doctors are given regular training to detect and treat common psychiatric disorders under DMHP.

            Offering quality out-reach services to the largest revenue district of the state, where psychiatric services are meager and psychiatric morbidity is highest has proved to be one of the most successful in this limited period of time.




   Community Mental Health Programme sponsored by NRHM is to started in the District of Kottayam. The Psychiatry Department has been identified as the Nodal Center for the Programme.



Kerala Integrated Scheme for Intervention in Suicide (KRISIS) was implemented by the Department in the districts of Kottayam, Idukki and Pathanamthitta. Various awareness and training programmes are conducted regularly by the department. Books and booklets on suicide prevention have been edited and published by the Department.


School Health Programme


Faculty members are actively involved in school health programme, training school counselors, and student police cadets etc. 




The faculty members and PG trainees are actively involved in research activities. The research areas include Consultation Liaison Psychiatry, Suicide prevention, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Addictive Disorders. The faculty is regularly invited to present papers at international and national levels on various topics of their expertise.




Various celebrations like Christmas, Onam, World Mental Health Day, World Suicide Prevention Day, World Disability Day etc. are jointly celebrated by patients and the staff.


Future Plans


A project of Rs.1.5 Crore under Man-power Development Scheme was submitted. The project of strengthening the department is being implemented.

Steps are on to start an additional unit, increase the MD seats to four, start Diploma in Psychological Medicine and start Diploma in Psychiatric Nursing.


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 Department of Psychiatry

Dr.S.Santhakumar Inaugurating CME on CBT