Kottayam Government Medical College
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Department of Physiology

Dept. Head
Dr. Mary Chacko
C2 Block, 3rd Floor
2597311 - Extn 296,9447142616
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  Faculty & Staff of Physiology Department
Doctor name
  Dr. Annamma Kurien
  9387962427, 9562043927  
  Dr. Pradeep C Thomas
  Associate Professor
  Dr. Gino Abraham
  Associate Professor
  Dr. Evelyn Thomas
  Assistant Professor
  Dr. Chitra Kurikaose
  Assistant Professor
  Dr. Indu M.R
  Dr. Saritha J Shenoy
  Assistant Professor
  Smt. Bindu M
  Lab Assistant
  Mrs.Shiney K Joseph
  Lab Technician
  Smt. Linda V L
  Lab Technician
  Mr. K.S Thomas
  Junior Lab Assistant
  Mrs. Vijayamma
  Lab Technician
  Smt.Girijamma C R
  Junior Lab Assistant
  Mrs. Geetha
  Mrs. Ambika
  Mr. Sunny V.D
  Full time Sweeper
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 Facilities of Physiology Department


Brief History

The department of Physiology started functioning on 1963 under the efficient   leadership of Dr. C. M. Francis.

    From even the beginning it was headed by elegant and dedicated professors who are role models in our profession and whose footsteps we try to follow.

    The heads of department of Physiology who have fostered, enriched and sacrificed their valuable time and depth of knowledge and moulded the department into its present shape and of whom we always remember with loving and fonded cherished memories are

1. Dr. C.M. Francis
2. Dr. Susan Thomas
3. Dr. Komalam
4. Dr. Lalitha Bai
5. Dr. C.P. Radhamoniamma
6. Dr Saraswathy.K
7. Dr Remany George
8. Dr. Suma Devi V.S
9. Dr. Alice George

Facilities Available

I.      Facilities

The department has a clinical Physiology Laboratory, Amphibian Laboratory, Mammalian Laboratory, Research Laboratory & two demonstration rooms. A Lecture hall, which can accommodate more than Two hundred students, a Library cum seminar and many staff rooms spread over 2nd and 3rd floor of C-2 block. The department is equipped with instruments like student Physiograph, Benedict Roth's BMR Apparatus, E.C.G. Machine, Microscopes with in- built light sources, mammalian heart perfusion Assembly, Water- Still, Electric Kymographs,bicycle ergograph,two overhead projectors,a Computer and LCD projector etc

II.    Courses run by the Department

Name of Course

Annual intake

P.G. Courses 
(M.D. Physiology)


Undergraduate Courses 


The department also caters to the needs of the following courses. 



B.Sc Nursing 


B. Pharm






D. Pharm




IV.    Academic Activities:

The department is conducting Theory classes and Practical Classes for the above mentioned courses. We periodically evaluate and assess the student's knowledge by conducting examinations (theory , practicals and Viva- voce) . Discussions , seminars, vertical integration & horizontal integration classes are  conducted. M.D. Physiology students are also involved in teaching theory & practicals. P.G. students are doing thesis work on current topics like . MD Physiology students are given postings in  both clinical and non-clinical departments.

The faculty is actively involved in organizing Symposium, Seminars & Journal Clubs & Discussion classes for the P.G. students and also supervise their Thesis work. For the MBBS students there is Tutorial system which is beneficial to the students & teachers to understand the problems- both academic and personal. The department is organizing an annual CME program. We had conducted Dr. Gopakumar Memorial all Kerala Gold Medal Examination in Physiology for M.B.B.S students of all the medical colleges. 

Dr. Gopakumar who was an enthusiastic and eminent teacher, who would have been an asset in medical college service, was snatched away by the Perumon train accident in 1988, while working as Assistant Professor in our department. 

Quiz Competition for the post graduate students in Physiology had been conducted annually in memory of late Dr. Akhila Bai who was dear to all of us. She graduated MBBS from our college and was a very hard working, sincere & dedicated post graduate student (M.D. Physiology). She was very keen in maintaining good interpersonal relationship. She was loved by all of us. She passed away in 2003 May due to complications of Scleroderma. 

V.    Papers Presented

The former heads of our Department Dr. Suma Devi presented many papers on various topics in Physiology in many CMEs at various Medical Colleges organized by Physiology as well as other departments. (*Bilirubin metabolism - AMBITCON at Kottayam; *Anticlotting mechanism - APPI at Trivandrum Medical College-2006, *Ligand Receptors - Respiratory Medicine Department and Physiology Department, Govt. Medical College, Thrissur, *Physiology of Pain- ENT Department, Kottayam, *Physiology of Learning & Memory disease- Department of Bio- Chemistry, Calicut Medical College, * Physiological basis of Lung function test - Respiratory Medicine &  Pediatrics, Govt. Medical College, Kottayam, Renal handling of Electrolytes- Department of Physiology, Medical College, Trivandrum). 

Dr Alice George presented paper on Thymus in the CME T- TIME conducted at Calicut Medical College during 2007. 

Dr. Mary Chacko has presented topics on Symposium, Seminar & Panel discussion for PG orientation during 2007. 

Dr. Pradeep C. Thomas has presented a paper on the Neuro Anatomical correlation of cerebellar Physiology in a CME by Anatomy Department of SME, M.G. University and Physiology of Sleep in a CME by Physiology Dept. Govt. Medical College, Thrissur.

Dr. Gino Abraham has presented a paper on High Altitude Physiology and illness (CME 2006 at Pushpagiri Medical College) and study of Lipid Profile in males and females of different age groups (CME- 2007, Physiology Department, Medical College at Kottayam). 

Dr. Saritha T. Shenoy has presented the paper on Effects of Atmospheric Pollution on Traffic Policemen in state level conference (RESPICON 2006) and was awarded 2nd prize. 

VI.   CMEs

We are organizing CME programmes every year (ION CHANNELS IN HEALTH AND DISEASES IN 2005, ALGESIA IN 2006 , VASOTONE IN 2007,ENTEROKINESIS IN 2008, STRESS IN 2009, NEPHRON IN 2010).

VII.  Conferences 

We have attended the National conference of APPI held at Nimhans at Bangalore in 2004,  workshop held in CMC, velloor,and CME on Nutrition held in Coimbatore in 2010. Also we usually attend the CMEs conducted by Physiology Departments at various Medical Colleges in Kerala and  CMEs of various departments at Kottayam Medical College. 

VIII.  Any other Relevant Information

There are two seats for MD Physiology per year- one under all India quota and other under Kerala State quota. In case there is no applicant from the all India quota; both seats will be filled from the state quota. One seat has permanent recognition and the other seat has temporary recognition.

Medical graduates are eligible to apply for the post of vacancies in lecturer, if no PSC candidates are available.

We the staff of Physiology department is keenly interested in both academic and extra curricular activities of our Medical College. We extend our whole hearted co-operation and team work to support the vision of widening the horizons to attain the goals of making students into excellent clinically skilled compassionate human doctors and wholesome individuals.

XI.  Thesis - topic - PG's

1. Pulmonary function test in workers engaged in processing of natural rubber

2. A study of serum levels of TSH, Calcium and lipid profile of Premenopausal and 

    Postmenopausal women

3. Serum calcium and  cardiovascular risk in normotensive and hypertensive patients

4. A study on scid - base disturbances in Leptospirosis