Kottayam Government Medical College
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Department of Neuro Surgery

Dept. Head
OP Days & Time
Tuesday & Friday 11 - 12.30
Operation Days
Wednesday & Thursday
0481 2597311,9447055918
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  Faculty & Staff of Neuro Surgery Department
Doctor name
  Dr. K Mahadevan
  Professor & HOD
  Dr. PK Balakrishnan
  Associate Professor
  Dr. Tharun Krishna
  Assistant Professor
  Dr. Sunil Kumar
  Assistant Professor
  Dr.Aneeze Mustafa
  Assistant Professor
  Senior Lecturer
  Dr.MD.Hassan Iqbal
  Senior Resident
  Senior Resident
  Dr.Mischelle Johny
  Senior Resident
  Dr.Prakash Nair
  Senior Resident
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 Facilities of Neuro Surgery Department

Brief History

The Department of Neurosurgery in Medical College Kottayam was established in 1968 under Dr. K.M.John one of pioneer Neurosurgeons in Kerala who was trained in the Premier Institution of Neurosurgery CMC Vellore under Prof. Jacob Chandy. The Department grew in the stature and facilities with due course of time. The first Stereotaxy unit in Government sector in Kerala was installed here.

The succession of mentors in the Neurosurgery Department are the following 
1.Dr. K.M.John (1968-1974 &1980-1981)
2. Dr.C.A.Rajan ( 1974-1977 & 1981-1990)
3.Dr.B.Ekbal ( 1992-2000) ( Former Vice Chancellor , Univ. of Kerala)
4. Dr.A.Marthanda Pillai (1977- 1980)
5.Dr. K. Jayakumar ( 1990-1992 & 200-2003)
6.Dr.S.Pushkala (2003-2006)
7.Dr.Raymond Morris (2006-2007) 8.Dr.K.Mahadevan (2007 0nwards)


The Department of Neurosurgery has grown in the following aspects over the recent years in spinal instrumentation, neurovascular surgery, Micro neurosurgery, complex brain tumors and spine tumors. Modern drilling methods and modified cheap machines for drilling the bone substance have been implemented. We do the maximum number of trephine craniotomies with motorized trephine than any other Neurosurgical institution. The cheap drilling machine is designed solely by the Department which is helping out a lot in the art of life saving in Trauma by superfast drilling option. We also have the option of the sophisticated drilling machine for micro neurosurgery which is utilized for posterior fossa and skull base tumors.

The various procedures which need special mention are Moss-Miami spinal stabilization, cervical laminoplasty, Intracranial AVM excision, Suprasellar meningioma, orbit lesions, spinal tumors, Endoscopic tumor resection and so on.



Trauma surgeries Brain and spine,Spinal instrumentation and fixation, Neurovascular surgery ,Cranial reconstruction, Pediatric neurosurgery, Neurooncology, Neuroendoscopy, Spine tumor surgeries and discectomy, Skull base procedures,Stereotaxy and intensive care. The Department of Radiology offers the CTscan, CT angiography MRI , MRA and MR spectroscopy which is of high importance in diagnostic aspects in Neurosurgery


The academic forum is also monumental neuropathology, neuoro radiology, neuroclub meetings ,neuroradiotherapy discussions are few among those with special mention. , These discussions are reviewed periodically so that the newer trends in the treatment protocols could be implemented to the institution so the patient care becomes at par with the international standards. 


The Neuro Intensive care Unit and Trauma Inetnsive care Units functioning under the Department offer the 24 hr critical care for the head injury as well as trauma patients. Newer trauma unit is being installed for advanced trauma care needs special mention 


There are two resident MCh seats every year selected in the Kerala State entrance for training affiliated in MG University of 3year duration . residents full time intensive hands on training in the Department and at two other national level institution observership during their curriculum.



So far we could serve the mankind with our limited resources and lot of poor patients got benefits of our efforts. We expect the department to grow further and to achieve illustrious standards in the art of life saving.