Kottayam Government Medical College
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Department of E N T

Dept. Head
Dr Shibu George
OP Block
OP Days & Time
ENT 1 - Monday, Wednesday, Friday: . . ENT 2 - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Operation Days
ENT 1 - Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday; . ENT 2 - Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Ward No
0481-2597311 – 2245, Mob 9446113118
Email ID
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  Faculty & Staff of E N T Department
Doctor name
  Dr Shibu George
  Professor & HOD
  Dr Joe Jacob K
  Dr John Mathai
  Dr Sadarudheen Ahmed M
  Additional Professor
  Dr Pushpakumari K P
  Additional Professor
  Dr Rajeevkumar M
  Assistant Professor
  Dr Nambiar Sapna Sreedharan
  Assistant Professor
  Dr Asha C S
  Assistant Professor
  Uma Rajan
  Assistant Professor Audiology
  Mr Sukumaran T T
  Junior Lab Assistant
  Lethakumari V K
  Steno Typist
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The Origin of this can be traced right back to 1960-s when it was started as a small ENT Unit with two consultants at District Hospital Kottayam. Dr.V.O.Zachariah was the founder professor under whose guidance the department blossomed into full fledged ENT set up. Later when Dr.C.G.Jayathilakan took over the reins of the department it was shifted from Kottayam to Gandhinagar at its present location. Initially the department catered only to undergraduate training. Later 1983 the post graduate courses started with 2 M.S and 2 DLO seats which were duly recognized by MCI. This department was institutional in training many of the finest talents in the process since its inception. Thanks to the leadership of Professors Dr.A.R.Varma, Dr.Shahul Hameed, Dr.S.V.Lakshmi Narayanan and Dr.P.Prathapan Nair. Our MS ENT seat has been increased to 4 from 2010 onwards The department can boast of all new advantages in its surgical which had been procured at appropriate turning including FESS, MLC and Micro Ear surgery. This caters to far and wide across central Travancore rich and poor. . . Dr.Joe Jacob.K

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 Facilities of E N T Department

All E N T and Head & Neck Surgeries, Microlaryngeal / Microear Surgeries and Endoscopic Sinus Surgeries


Name of the course                                                                          Annual intake

MBBS                                                                                                 150

DLO                                                                                                    2

M.S ENT                                                                                             4




Routine U.G teaching clinical class/practical class / theory class / seminars

Post graduates

Clinical class / case discussions / seminars / Journal clubs / bed side class Topic discussions. Attending temporal bone dissections, cadaveric endoscopic sinus cases, conferences, seminars


  •   For all Undergraduate examination we have got more than 95 % pass results
  •     All of our post graduate student­s (DLO/M.S ENT) have passed the university examination.
  •     One of our DLO student got the 2nd rank in the DipNB entrance exam 2012
  •     One of our article has been published in the International Journal.
  •     We have got many publications in National/State ENT Journals
  •     At present eight research works are being undertaken in our department
  •     One of our Post graduate student got the gold medal in the best PG paper in Kerala
  •     Our Post graduate team got the first prize in quiz competition.
  •     Myself appointed as Dean faculty of Modern Medicine for MG University (2008 March to 2010 March) and also Chairman Board of studies UG and PG curriculum for MG university


 We are doing all major head and neck surgeries, endoscopic surgeries and microlaryngeal and ear surgeries. In combination with neurosurgery department we have done craniofacial surgeries , CSF rhinonorhea repairs , trans nasal endoscopic pituitary surgery New video laryngoscope has been purchased and it is being used for laryngeal surgeries.


1.       A comparative study between middle meatal antrostomy and caldwel Luc surgery in treatment of chronic maxillary sinusitis – Indian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology and head & neck surgery  - July 2011                     Dr.Joe Jacob.K, Dr.Shibu George, Dr.Preethi.S

2.       Vocal cord  dysfunction – Article published in Kerala ENT Journal – October 2011                Dr.Shibu George

3.       Headaches and sinusitis – Article published in Malabar ENT Journal official publication of Malabar chapter of AOI December 2011                                Dr.Shibu George

4.       Positional vertigo Revised – Article in Indian Society of Otology Jan 2012 All India Conferene Souvenier                   Dr.Shibu George

5.       Retropharyngeal Bronshogenic cyst – American Jouranl of Otology and Head and neck surgery

6.       Angiolymphnoid hyperplasia with esoninophela – Indian Journal of otorhinolaryngology

7.       Malignancy larynx presenting solely as pharyngocutaneous fistula-Indian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology

8.       Winklers disease –Indian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology

9.       Schwanoma – A rare tumour in sinonasal track – Indian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology

10.   Pleomorhin adenoma of Nasal septum- Indian Journal of otorhinolaryngology

11.   Solitory neuorofibroma larynx – Kerala Journal of ENT and Head & Neck surgery

12.    Hoarseness – as a presenting feature of Aortic arch aneurism  - IJLO July, Sept.2006

13.   Pleomorphic adenoma of nasal septum – IJLO 2005 special issue I

14.   Bilateral choanal atresia management with Hegars dilator – IJLO April June  2004 56

15.   Lupus valgaris of Nose – A case report – IJLO Dec.1999 March 2000 Vol: 52

16.   Rosai dorfenans disease – An unusual presentation – IJLO July, Sep 2000 Vol 52 No.3

17.   Myringoplasty with temporatis facia- Analysis of 200 cases – IJLO April June 1999 Vol 51 No.2

18.   Peripheral ambloblastoma  tongue – A rare case – IJLO October Dec 1998 Vol 50 No.4

19.   Removal of a metallic FB in the neck with a Magnet – IJLO &HNS – Oct. – Dec.2007

20.   Kartageneous syndrome – Kerala Medical Journal – June 1997 Vol.38 No.3

21.   Enumyectoms of the maxilliary sinus – Kerala Medical Journal – Dec 1996  Vol. 37 No.6

22.   Inferior turbinectomy for nasal obstruction – review of 75 cases – IJLO Jan,  March 2004 Vol 56 No.l

23.   Magnet – A wonderful instrument for removal of metallic Foreign bodies in the oropharynx.  Kerala Medical Journal; Dec 2008

24.   Granular cell tumour vocal cord in an dolescent child – A case report IJLO & HNS – April – June 2007

25.   Spindle Cell Lipoma of the Hypopharynx – A Case report. Accepted for publication in IJLO

26.   Pneumocephalus presenting as a complication of chronic otitis media a case report accepted for publication in IJLO

27.   Histoplasmosis a fungal opportunist.  Kerala medical Journal  June 2009


Attends National/State level conferences



  1.       Our Dip.N.B trainee Dr.Preethi.S got All India  Gold Medal for Dip.N.B Exam
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 Department of E N T

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